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[15 Mar 2009|01:36am]

[ mood | chipper ]

(Mods, if this is against your community rules, kindly delete this message)

Hi everyone. I have just created a community for GLBTQ Malaysians & their straight allies and am looking for users who would like to join. The community is called queermalaysians. All are welcome. =)

Also, to the mods, may I link your community in queermalaysians' profile page?


Crossposted in many communities on LJ.

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COLD [21 Aug 2008|11:04pm]

Goddamn winter.

I'm sick of freezing my ass off everyday. I wish I could stay over in Malaysia over winter and come back when it's summer.

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Our general election is March 8th?? [21 Feb 2008|06:34pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

According to this article we're having them next month. I don't think Malaysia does overseas voting like the US does (where I am currently). Too bad, but I don't think I would care enough to vote anyway.

Wow, I just read another article on Thursday in Malaysia by Reuters on Yahoo! about PAS "the Parti Islam se-Malaysia , whose law-and-order policy calls for Islamic punishments such as stoning and amputation, released on Thursday the names of 13 women, including several doctors, in its list of candidates for the March 8 poll.

The party's chief strategist, Dzulkifli Ahmad, said pro-government media had demonised PAS. He suggested the party's ideal of an Islamic state should not be threatening to non-Muslims, who make up more than 40 percent of the population.

PAS's goal is to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state, but it is shying away from this long-standing objective in its campaign and is instead saying Malaysia should become a "welfare state."

In an election manifesto also released on Thursday, PAS called for state oil company Petronas [PETR.UL] to be put under parliament's direct control, rather than the prime minister, and for lower petrol prices, free education and a national health fund."

However a Friday (Malaysian time) article states:

I've been so caught up in the American campaign - Barack Obama and Chelsea Clinton came to my college Monday! - I ignored looking up news about Malaysia at all. I only Googled "Malaysia election" because I wanted to see what our system was like compared to the USA's system.

Wow. Huh, my parents never mentioned this to me. But no surprise. I can't vote despite being of age and I'm apathetic about it anyway.

Oh, wow, another article: Malaysian churches campaign for religious freedom in elections. Released Monday.


Anyway, here's Yahoo!Malaysia's section of articles about our 2008 elections, in case people want to catch up on them. And of course there's The Star. I don't know Malay sufficiently enough to read The Utusan. Does anybody here read it online?
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Anyone know a room to rent in the PJ region, please and thanks? [23 Jan 2008|12:12pm]

Hello everyone, apa khabar semua.
Need help with something please and thanks very much.
Am looking for a room to rent in the PJ area, house/condo/flat, pref. furnished room with washing machine and Internet and near Jln Gasing/Jln 222 if possible, or Section 14 (looking at Menara Bakti on top of Digimall or the condos opposite Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hosp)
What's a reasonable rent for such a room, my budget is approx RM 250-350 per month.

Anyone can help with this? Looking to move in about mid-Feb or early March.

Terima kasih to everyone!

(Crossposted to my LJ and <lj user="malaysians" )
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A little help. [30 Nov 2007|12:12pm]
Hi, I was wondering if anyone is leaving for UK anytime soon? I really want a book from Malaysia and am unwilling to pay $30 shipping for it since the book is only $40. It'd be great if someone has room for a cookbook :D Thanks!
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Visa Refusals and appeals to the uk [21 Sep 2007|08:25am]
Anybody here from kuala lumpur who had their visa refused and had to appeal against the officers decision? ive applied as a student for the past three years and never have i been refused for a visa to uk till recently. Apparently ,it's cause of insufficient evidence of my sponsor..so i did hand my appeal with extra financial documents of my sponsor to the british high commission 2 days ago and am still anxiously waiting for a decision to be made. My flight has been already booked on the 26th and my uni starts in less than 2 weeks!I really hate missing a day of lessons and im looking forward to freshers week as well. Im in such a frustrating situation and was wondering if anybody have been in the same dilemma as i am now. How long did it take for a decision to be made on an appeal? and IF the officers original decision has been overturned ,how long did it take for the visa to be issued again? If anybody is familiar with this , please let me know and post your reply!

Thank you,
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[28 Aug 2007|06:58pm]

Country you're (or were) in: US
Why you're (were) there: dad furthering his studies
how long have you been there (were there for): 7 years
Something you like(d) about it: everything I remember from my youth
Something you don't/ didn't: discrimination, and leaving
A funny anecdote perhaps: I can't think of anything at the moment, sorry
What was the thing you missed most about M'sia: I didn't know anything about Malaysia while I was there, I grew up thinking I was an American for a while, now I'm just lost
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SAT [28 Aug 2007|12:30am]

anyone ever took Language with Listening for SAT IIs testing away from home?

MACEE's not answering my emails, and the deadline is Sept 12th...I'm planning to call them soon but anyone?

(I don't want to fly to like KL or Kuching just to do one subject)
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Best of luck with this exam season, I wish all of you. [11 May 2007|06:55am]

Be it A Levels, be it any undergrad papers in this syllabus, be it postgrad deadlines. Be you in the UK, the US or anywhere else in the world you may be, I wish you the best of luck.
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Question [01 Mar 2007|12:27pm]

Hi, I've been reading this community and most Msians overseas are in Australia, NZ, UK or US. Was wondering if anyone (Msians) are around my area - Austria.

On another note, has anyone ever needed to learn another language in the country they are in? And how well did you cope with it. Do you miss your own language, especially when you are pissed and your brain don't work as fast as your tongue?
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DiGi reload [24 Feb 2007|08:29am]

I have my DiGi simcard with me here in Berlin, and I was wondering if I should ask someone from Malaysia to send me some reload coupons so I can reload it; would that work ? (reloading in a foreign country, I mean ?)

Does anyone here have their Digi simcard with them and how do you reload yours ?
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Happy Chinese New Year [17 Feb 2007|01:12am]

To all on the forum, to all Malaysians overseas, to all who celebrate and to all who are enjoying this festive season, a Happy Chinese New Year I wish you. Prosperity. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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Air Asia to Europe ? [10 Feb 2007|04:29pm]

My mom told me that Air Asia will be flying to Manchester, is that true ?
I tried going to their website but I didn't really see anything to confirm that.
I'd like to know concrete details such as price and when one can book those flights..

(X-posted to Malaysians)
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[30 Dec 2006|03:12pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello all, I'm piratepintsize and new to this community, although I have been lurking around for a while. *sheepish grin

I'm 18, and just recently finished my Foundation Studies in Adelaide this year. Which means I go to Uni next year! I've gotten an unconditional offer to do Vet Science at The University of Melbourne, and I'm really thrilled and all, but I have my doubts concerning taking up this course and living in Melb. Let's put it this way: My family is not that well-off, and studying in Adelaide for Pre-U was alright, 'coz Adelaide's relatively a much cheaper place to stay in compared to Melb, and it was only for a year, whereas the duration of the vet sci course is 5 years, about AUD31K each year (just tuition fees). I was wondering whether any of you would know of scholarships or loans that'd sponsor students doing Vet Science.

Also, any of you here currently doing Vet Sci? How is it like studying it?
And those studying in Melbourne, what do you think would be the best type of accommodation for me? Residential Colleges are way too expensive, I don't quite like the idea of Homestay, and I'm looking for a place within walking distance to the Parkville campus. I'm thinking the College Square, the one on Lygon St, but inputs from those who've had experience living there would be awesome! Thanks in advance :)

And, to share a bit more...
Country you're in: Australia

Why you're there: For post-SPM studies, finished my Foundation studies, waiting to go to Uni next yr!

how long have you been there (were there for): I was in Adelaide for a year, and hopefully would be in Melbourne for the next 5 yrs

Something you like about it: I like the fact that it's not too far from Malaysia, and the time difference isn't too bad, at least I don't have to wait up till 4am or something to hear my grandmother's voice

Something you don't: The drunkards, esp those who yell "Go back to China!" or "Ching chong ching chong" when they come across a group of Asians -  RACISTS!

A funny anecdote perhaps: Commenting (in BM) on the behaviour of an Aussie male there, only to find out that he understands BM perfectly!

What was the thing you missed most about M'sia: Family and food- I've yet to find Nasi Lemak which sends me gasping for water in Australia!

Anything you hate about M'sia?: I guess I'll find something soon..

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[12 Dec 2006|02:10am]

[ mood | cold ]

Country you're in: NZ ...~!

Why you're there: Cos im living here? ....xD ....Anyways ...erm cos my parents migrated here ...yes...

how long have you been there (were there for): As long as i can remember ~

Something you like about it: Well, its the land of the Long White Cloud~!!! ....It's a great place to live in (especially in Auckland ^^ ...so therefore I suggest we get all Malaysians to live in Auckland...~!) ...The people are great ....school is great ....multicultural friends ..(Indians, Chinese, Kiwis, Polys...etc.) ....And PLUS~!! ...Great scenery too ^^ ....So Msians, come to NZ ....and stay :P

Something you don't: Nothing ...i just love everything here.........EXCEPT ......Asian Drivers ~!!! .....(im not racist ...but im just stating wht i dont like ...:P)

A funny anecdote perhaps: Tripped over a jandal on the beach .....the end.

What was the thing you missed most about M'sia: My cousins!! ....My Grandma .....the people there...that sell those Fish thingys....(Keropok Lekor? o.0) ....anyways ...yeah also miss the Satay, Rojak, Nasi Lemak .....etc. etc. ...and the fresh rambutans and durians ~! ....

Anything you hate about M'sia?: (i added this part ^^) ....Anyways ......Well ......Getting selected to do National Service next year ......

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Let's Spice It Up [27 Oct 2006|07:36pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey, kiddies. I've been busy lately and not been around here much. I've decided to do something with our info page. I signed up for Google Analytics and did a little script mangling with the source code. With some effort and luck, we'll be able to get some cool data which will be displayed on the info page. One example will be a global map of who visits this page. I've not seen any results yet so maybe I did something wrong. Does anyone have experience with Google Analytics? Please make any suggestions as to what else can be done. I appreciate any input. Thank you for your support.


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International Fair Ideas [24 Oct 2006|03:20pm]
Hey kids,

We'll be having an International Fair last week of January 07 but we're brainstorming for ideas right now.

Do you guys have ideas what I can do for Malaysia? I don't think I want to cook -_- Too much work. No dances/singing, thank you. :-P

Any ideas?

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[29 Sep 2006|10:33am]

[ mood | content ]

Hey people!

Since this community has been a bit quiet lately, I thought that we could liven things up by sharing our experiences with living/studying abroad. I'd like to know about other people's experiences plus we can bond over how much we miss Malaysian food/weather/shopping, but not so much the haze/bad driving/horrible buses.

So I was thinking along the lines of either in a comment, (or even better make a post out of it!) talk about;

Country you're (or were) in:
Why you're (were) there:
how long have you been there (were there for):
Something you like(d) about it:
Something you don't/ didn't:
A funny anecdote perhaps:
What was the thing you missed most about M'sia:
etc etc.

I guess I'll go first.

Country you're in: New Zealand, Aotearoa!

Why you're there: My family decided (on a whim! I'm sure it was. I was never given much notice) to immigrate here

how long have you been there (were there for): About 4 and a half years. Haven't been back to M'sia in 3 and a half years :(

Something you like about it: I love the people! My impression of the local kiwis are laidback people with a sense of humour and who, for such a tiny country, has a lot of high achievers. (Think All Blacks, Edmund Hillary, Peter Jackson and of course Sarah Ulmer, the Ever-Swindell twins and Hamish Carter, Michael Campbell, Ernest Rutherford...) I've heard stories about how it's hard to mix with the locals and that they don't like you cause you have different customs but you know what I say to that?? BULL! The people here are so nice and friendly. I think that they are sometimes more accepting of you as a person than other Asians are. (My grand total of Asian friends is 10.. sadly also, my total of Malaysian friends ZERO)
And the music is good too. :-)

Something you don't: I hate how New Zealanders cannot pronounce words and how their 'a' sounds like 'i' and 'ei' sounds like 'ai'. And they mock my pronounciation. PTCH.

A funny anecdote perhaps: I went to Auckland a couple months ago and they have Dunkin Donuts over there (we don't have that in Wellington). It was like finding a long lost friend. I bought like 4 dozen of them and ate them all in the few days i was up there visiting my friend Leah. Hehe. And I lost 1 kg when I came back. The miracle of donuts!

What was the thing you missed most about M'sia: At first I really reeeeeaaallly missed the food! I've always thought that New Zealand food is incredibly untolerably bland! But recently I have been missing my family and friends. I keep thinking of all the fun times we had as schoolmates and wondering how they're getting along and what gossip they would have. As for family, we have always been a pretty tight-knit family. But now I actually have nieces and nephews that I've never met and I bet the little ones who I haven't seen in years will have forgotten me already :(. My grandfather also passsed away a few years after I got here and I'm sad that I didn't get to spend more time with him.

Ok your turn :-)

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[12 Sep 2006|10:25pm]
Hi! I'm new to this community, and I'm wondering if anyone has ever experienced being bullied because you're Malaysian, or even just an Asian? For every class I go to people expect me to be smart and nerdy, and sometimes they become extremely sarcastic and edgy about it. sometimes when I don't do so well for an assessment I get teased about it for the rest of the term! And then there's the lot who think they can take advantage of me and ask me to do their assigments for them. If I didn't help them (which I don't :P) they'd spread bad rumours about me and give me a hard time. It's not the rumours that worry me, it's just how rough people in my community can sometimes be. I'm seeking for some advice, if anyone has ever had to go through this unfortunate experience before!!
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Stereotypes [09 Jun 2006|06:29pm]

I need your help.

What kind of stereotypes do you know / have heard of about (Southeast)Asians?

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